Reporters Roundtable Thursday!

THURSDAY'S SHOW: Tom Coverdale talks about his toughest battle, losing his mom to Alzheimer's. Are the winds blowing in #iubb favor for Dawson Garcia? We also have the ISB 'Reporters' on.. Dustin Schutte from Saturday Tradition, Taylor Lehman of (Rivals) and Sean Callahan from HuskerOnline (Rivals) talking #iufb v Nebraska. LISTEN HERE: ⚀Website: ⚀Radio: WREF 97.7 ESPN Evansville @ESPN977WREF WBRO 89.9 Marengo/Tell City @899wbro ⚀Twitter: @JimCoyleISB ⚀iHeartRadio: ⚀Apple Podcasts: ⚀Spotify: ⚀Google:

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